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Wedding Planning: Starts With Finding The Dress

You got engaged, called your family and friends, and made a Facebook announcement. Now the wedding planning begins and it doesn’t truly start until you have found a dress. The list of designers, fabrics, colors, and styles can seem daunting but it isn’t as bad as you may think. Remember that you more than likely have shopped for clothes and dresses before in a department store and have developed a personal style already.

When choosing a dress you should select a dress that highlights your best features whether it’s your height, legs, arms, or curves. Walk into any bridal shop with the same mindset you have when you visit a department store. You should be relaxed and feel finding something that flatters your frame. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid when on your hunt:

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Try not to be swayed by steep discounts. Many brides mistakenly purchase gowns during a last minute “today only” sale and regret it after it’s shipped to them. Sample sales are also popular with brides, but remember that you are purchasing a dress that has been tried on by hundreds of brides and could be stained, damaged, or torn. Thoroughly check any gown carefully for damage before you make a purchase. Some brides might spend hundreds in alterations to fix a damaged sample dress when they could have bought a similar brand new dress for not much more.

Don’t get fixated on the size of your dress. Many gown sizes run one or two sizes smaller than casual clothing sizes. If you plan on losing weight before your wedding play it safe and order a size that fits your current body. Most dresses can be taken in up to four sizes without the look of the dress being affected, but they can only be let out about one size, maybe. You need to be realistic in case you do not lose your targeted weight. If your dress comes in and doesn’t fit, don’t freak out. Many designers allow you to purchase fabric to add beading to accommodate the measurements needed.

The biggest mistake a bride can make is buying a dress that she doesn’t love. Choose your shopping companions wisely and do not let them negatively influence your purchase when your heart is telling you to choose something else. That being said do not be scared to try something completely different than what you imagined. It’s impossible to tell what a dress might look like on a hanger. Some fuller brides shop with the mindset that they cannot wear a fitted dress but what they don’t know is a more fitted dress will show off her curves and appear more slender than covering up!

There is no secret to finding the perfect dress for your body type and style. I encourage all brides to start their dress shopping early because scheduling fittings can be fun especially with friends and family members. You don’t want to feel rushed in the process and ordering a gown can take a long time after you’ve found one. Have fun out there!

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